Industrial Support Services

Project Subsidy

  • Subsidy from Central Government:
  • Technology Up gradation Fund (TUFS) Scheme by MOT for Textile Units
  • Credit Linked Capital Subsidy (CLCS) Scheme by Ministry of SSI for SSI
  • Subsidy from Ministry of Food Processing Industries for Food Processing Industry
  • Subsidy from State Government
  • Subsidy under Package Incentive Scheme, by State Government

Industrial Support Services

  • SSI Registration
  • Factory License
  • Import Export License/EOU Registration
  • Electricity Load Sanction/Water Sanction/Environment Clearance
  • Industrial plan Approvals

Industrial Operation Support Services

  • Incorporation of Companies or Partnership Firms
  • Shop Establishment Registration
  • Sales Tax Registration
  • Income Tax registration and compliance
  • Tax Planning
  • Capital Planning

Techno Legal Services

Land Acquisition & Land Acquisition Consulting Services

Pansambal Consultants Pvt. Ltd. acquires land for large Corporates / MNCs for green field projects. Type & size of project drives the land acquisition process in terms of location. Choosing Location depends on a host of factors including rail/road/air/sea connectivity, metropolitan/ non-metropolitan region, contiguity, land availability. Strategic identification is the commencing step. Land Assessment follows. It includes external situation analysis, ground reality check, local issues, analysis of legal clearances. Strategic and systematic Land Acquisition is most crucial. Proper & Regular networking with facilitators, brokers, farmers, is the key. Enhancing our input by strategic tie-ups with local ground faciiitators acts as an invaluable advantage. Being aware & warding off imminent competition is most crucial. Land to be acquired is demarcated and phases of landchunks and priority with time-frame is planned. Negotiating the price vis-a-vis market value vis-a-vis local trend is vital. Tracing root of Title is done through Title Search. All basic land records are availed. Title Certificate is accordingly prepared. Constant trouble-shooting & monitoring the whole process & transaction at a micro-level, step by step, ensures that land is aggregated as per phasewise plan and strategic tie-ups and initial locking with land owners is done through execution of primary documentation with proper identification proofs & precautions. Simultaneously land legal clearances, viz falling within the 4 major categories, are obtained. Thereafter the land records are cleaned-up. Conveyances are then drafted, customized & annexured. Good & legal documentation is perpetual & stands the test of time & scrutiny, and ensures excellent investment. Pursuant to execution & payment of stamp duty charges, registration thereof is done. Post Registration, bringing the SPV name on record is the clinching victory. Payment of Nazrana & NA charges is arranged .

Components of land acquisition & land acquisition consulting services by PCPLPune Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition

  • Land facilitators-brokers-farmersNetworking
  • Land Survey, Demarcation & Phasewise Planning
  • Price Negotiations
  • Managing the entire transaction at a micro level, step by step
  • Land aggregation and strategic tie-ups with land owners via primary documentation

Land Acquisition Consulting

  • Land Records Availment Services
  • Title Search & Title Certificate
  • Land Legal Clearance Services
  • Tenancy Clearances
  • Mortgage/Loan/Burden Clearances
  • Other govt clearances
  • Land acquisition documentation with proper identification proofs & precautions & execution
  • Land Valuation & Adjudication & Payment of Stamp Duty
  • Registration
  • Post Registration Services

  • Land Demarcation and identification
  • Land Data Co-Relations with Revenue Remedies
  • Land Data Co-ordination with Longitude Data