Industrial Development  

Project Approvals,Fiscal Benefits & Subsidies Services

Approvals form the backbone of each project. A sturdy set of necessary Approvals reflects the strength of a project. Working out the need-based solutions w.r.t the web of complexities in the Regulatory Compliance process is the yardstick of a regulatory consultant. Depending on sector, need & location of project, different approvals are obtained. Project value is substantially proportional to Project Approvals. Depending on Approval Strategy, applications are prepared with facts, legal provisions, legal/ social/ economic justifications, precedents, if any, & statistics. Applications are submitted to appropriate authorities. Intense follow up, desk-to-desk liasoning and numerous meetings & hearings with the authorities, & ensuring that the orders are ultimately passed, are the key factors. Development Approvals are obtained direct from the State/Central Govt. Local Approvals are obtained from local collect orate, planning authority, etc. Other specific approvals are obtained case to case. Environmental Approvals are obtained from the Central Government. Enhancing our input by strategic tie-ups with experts is done when necessary. Plan Approval is an important stage. Fiscal Benefits & Subsidies elevate the project to a different pinnacle altogether. Adding value to the project is our on-going endeavor. Preparation of DPR & Project Monitoring & Project Review is the crucial factors.

Detailed Project Report

Project Monitoring & Review

Project Fiscal Benefit Approvals

  • Up-gradation of Zone for higher incentive
  • Income Tax Exemption
  • Luxury Tax

Property Tax etc levied by State Government

Project Subsidies Approvals

  • Food Parks
  • SSI Parks - Cluster redevelopment scheme
  • IIUS (Industrial Infrastructure Up-gradation Scheme)
  • RTZ (Recreation & Tourism Zones)